BREAKING NEWS(01/05/2018):
We are now taking registrations for the 2018 156th Battle of Crampton's Gap. The event will take place one week earlier than last year to take advantage of artillery demonstrations by the park service in the gap. The campsites will remain the same as last year and the same dinner and entertainment will be back. Once again, Todd Harrington will be taking period images at the farm. We will be adding more camp and drill space and more parking at the farm. We are trying to add more participants and will therefore add more port-a-johns at both camps and service them earlier. Last year, we worked the tails off the few Confederates we had, so we hope to increase their ranks, but we don't want to overload their campsite. We will add volunteers to help with parking at the Ruritan so we take full advantage of the space without blocking anyone in. We will also add volunteers with ice and water from route 17 to the western boundaries of the Arnold farm. Transportation will be provided to the Federal troops to the Arnold farm for the Sunday morning tactical. We only raised a couple hundred dollars for BPA last year, so we have decided to increase the ranks and raise the registration to $30 April 1st, so try and get your registrations in before then. As we did last year, we will hold this price for walk-ons. See you in September!

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