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Tri-County Pump Service Sponsoring Well Work

Tri-County Pump Service has volunteered parts and labor to establish access to well water at the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm. Todd Remaley has been working with the company, which has been very receptive to partnering with BPA on the Shafer farm. Todd personally dug himself into a hole about 4′ deep, 4′ wide, and 6′ long in preparation of the Tri-County crew’s visit. They came out on Thursday, June 8th, and completed the hook-up of the hoses and water bib with the electrical switches and pressure gauge. They will be out again to drop a well pump and wire to the switch box in the access hole by the wellhead. From there, they will test the water and install a hand pump. With everything working, we will construct a platform and trough so that we can obtain fresh drinking water for the reenactment in September.

We want to thank Tri-County for their work and recommend their service as a corporate sponsor on our homepage!