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MDOT Archaeology Project to study South Mountain

Julie Schablitsky and Aaron Levinthal will be supervising a team of archaeologists at the Arnold farm and the Shafer farm to study the movement of Civil War soldiers during the Maryland Campaign at South Mountain. The photographs below show Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) being used and then metal detectors in a grid by grid survey. Artifacts will be dug up, marked as to their location, cleaned up and documented.

There will be a public day on Saturday, Oct. 19th, from 12:30 to 3:30, where free tours will be given of the house, the outbuildings, and the property. An archaeologist will be available to demonstrate and explain the processes they are using and the goals of their research. Our store will also be open selling shirts, frameable prints, key rings, refrigerator magnets, and drinks. Please come out and visit!

Giving a Tour to Delegate Barrie Ciliberti

Today we met with Maryland State Delegate Barrie Ciliberti! Nicholas Redding, Executive Director of Preservation Maryland, facilitated the meeting that we had at the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm today to introduce Delegate Ciliberti to what we are doing at the farm and what our end goals are. We are hoping to receive a bond bill from the Maryland State Legislature to cover the costs of repairing the west wall, among other things.

BPA Board Member Todd Remaley, Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding, and BPA CEO Paul Gilligan

Gladhill Tractor has donated a mower to BPA

On Wednesday, September 6th, Gladhill Tractor donated a pre-owned lawn tractor to BPA. This will certainly help us keep the property in better shape during mowing season and our funds can go to preserving the buildings! Many thanks to Maurice Gladhill, pictured in the photos with BPA President Paul Gilligan. Thanks also to Todd Remaley for initiating and following up on the discussion with Mr. Gladhill. We have added Gladhill Tractor to our home page of Corporate Sponsors with a link to their website.

View of Federal Campsite as the September 15-17 Crampton’s Gap event nears.

Looking west at the property from the east.

Looking west from the east showing the barn on the left and the Federal campsite on the right in the trees. Cornfields surround the property on three sides, about 2′ tall.

Looking east from the eastern side of the property.

We now have grass around the wellhead.

Looking south from the southern end of the property.

Looking west from the western end of the property toward Crampton’s Gap on the right.

Looking north to the Federal Campsite.

Looking south at the back of the house and outbuildings from the southern end of the Federal campsite.

Looking north from the northern side of the property.

Looking south from the northern end of the property. The Federal campsite and the barn.

Looking NE from north side of barn at possible witness tree.

Tri-County Pump Service Sponsoring Well Work

Tri-County Pump Service has volunteered parts and labor to establish access to well water at the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm. Todd Remaley has been working with the company, which has been very receptive to partnering with BPA on the Shafer farm. Todd personally dug himself into a hole about 4′ deep, 4′ wide, and 6′ long in preparation of the Tri-County crew’s visit. They came out on Thursday, June 8th, and completed the hook-up of the hoses and water bib with the electrical switches and pressure gauge. They will be out again to drop a well pump and wire to the switch box in the access hole by the wellhead. From there, they will test the water and install a hand pump. With everything working, we will construct a platform and trough so that we can obtain fresh drinking water for the reenactment in September.

We want to thank Tri-County for their work and recommend their service as a corporate sponsor on our homepage!