View of Federal Campsite as the September 15-17 Crampton’s Gap event nears.

Looking west at the property from the east.

Looking west from the east showing the barn on the left and the Federal campsite on the right in the trees. Cornfields surround the property on three sides, about 2′ tall.

Looking east from the eastern side of the property.

We now have grass around the wellhead.

Looking south from the southern end of the property.

Looking west from the western end of the property toward Crampton’s Gap on the right.

Looking north to the Federal Campsite.

Looking south at the back of the house and outbuildings from the southern end of the Federal campsite.

Looking north from the northern side of the property.

Looking south from the northern end of the property. The Federal campsite and the barn.

Looking NE from north side of barn at possible witness tree.

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