Monthly Archives: January 2017

crowdraise page for emergency roof repairs

Preservation Maryland has created a crowdrise page to raise $2500 for emergency roof repairs to the Shafer house. BPA has been using PM’s expertise and connections to advance our restoration efforts. BPA has completed a lot of cleaning and bracing projects as well as some roof repairs, but the repairs that Nick is talking about are beyond our abilities and will keep the house dry through the winter and spring months. Preservation Maryland has advanced the funds, so the repair will be made. We do, however, need to replace those funds. Grants have been applied for to complete more extensive work in the future and the NPS Historic Preservation Training Center is celebrating their 40th anniversary by having a day-of-service at the Shafer farm on May 25th. Great things are happening and we invite you to participate in saving our local history! You can donate here

Work completed to clean up Shafer House

Todd Remaley has been busy at the Shafer House. He has taken down the old chicken wire fence, raked up most of the ivy he removed from
the buildings, and unearthed the corner survey monuments.



He also weed whacked the property and removed trash.

He removed the temporary panel wall upstairs.



The Billiard Room’s ceiling, paneling and insulation has been removed.