Our Partnership With Preservation Maryland Now On View


Our partnership with Preservation Maryland is now proudly on display at the Shafer house.

We have been busy since your visit. The majority of the vines have been removed, the wall in the attic has been braced, glass in several windows has been replaced, other first floor windows have been boarded up, and a bulk head door into the basement has been built…. that said, much work remains.

We have followed-up with the electric company to better understand the state of the service. Additionally, we have a contractor, Ercole Electric, who has agree to visit the site to develop a plan to safely restore electrical service (either through temporary service installation or by updating and re-establishing service through the current route).

We have been in communication with the NPS Historic Preservation Training Center to further explore the possibility of collaborating with them on some aspect of preservation effort.

We are anxious to receive reports from the field visit and to work to fix the roof to protect the house from further weather damage. It’s our biggest and most immediate concern.

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