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BPA is honored to have entered into an agreement with Jody Brumage to consult on the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm preservation project. He is a graduate student in San Jose State University's Masters of Archives and Records Administration program. Please follow his progress in archiving artifacts found on the estate by reading his blog. Just click here!

Preservation Maryland is trying to raise $2500 for the roof repairs on the Hamilton Willard Shafer house on crowdrise. You can help with a donation of any size! Just click here!

BREAKING NEWS(07/23/2017):
Watch an animated 3D video of the Shafer house made by Preservation Maryland on the Blog at here.

BREAKING NEWS(07/18/2017):
Added information about Tim Reese's Sealed With Their Lives on the Home page and added two documents to the Documents page courtesy of Tim Reese; Colonel Bartlett's 1889 National Tribune article on his Crampton's Gap remembrances and a selection from Tim's High Water Mark.

BREAKING NEWS(07/09/2017):
View images of the Federal campsite on the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm on the Blog here!

BREAKING NEWS(06/11/2017):
Read about Tri-County Pump Service working at enabling water service at the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm on the Blog here!

BREAKING NEWS(05/25/2017):
Thank you to all who came to or helped with our first House & Garden Tour! Unfortunately, our NPS HPTC work day was cancelled due to the weather today. We hope to reschedule soon.

BREAKING NEWS(05/01/2017):
If you shop at Amazon, you can now donate 0.5% of your purchase price to BPA. Just click the button below the scrollbox and find out how!

BREAKING NEWS(03/23/2017):
Cedar Ridge Soaps will make donations as a percentage of sales marked for BPA. Just click the button for Cedar Ridge Soaps in the righthand column and follow the directions!

BREAKING NEWS(03/15/2017):
For a copy of our first seminar for the residents of Burkittsville and how you can participate in the September Reenactment, click here!

BREAKING NEWS (03/12/2017):
The Burkittsville House & Garden Tour is coming May 20th! The proceeds will go toward the preservation of the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm. You can help out by volunteering for jobs before the event here or jobs during the day of the event, Saturday, May 20th here.

BREAKING NEWS (02/23/2017):
Thanks to Preservation Maryland, the roof is sealed! It doesn't look pretty, but it will allow the interior to dry out so that interior work may start. Also, read about what's going on in a recent Middletown Valley Citizen in the Blog here!.

Click image for a larger image looking south through a hole in the roof!

BREAKING NEWS (02/12/2017):
1) Today was a work day in the attic of the house. Todd, Jody, and Alex sifted through the trash and brought the artifacts down to the second floor where their historical value may be obtained in a dry, light-filled work area. The attic is almost swept clean! 2) We have announced Jody's consulting position on the Home page with a link to his blog. 3) We have also added a link to the crowdrise page where Preservation Maryland is raising funds for our roof repairs. The image above is looking south from a hole in the roof!

BREAKING NEWS (02/03/2017):
Added our new logo to the Home page and redesigned the Images page while adding 50 new photographs.

BREAKING NEWS (01/01/2017):
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BREAKING NEWS (12/08/2016):
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BREAKING NEWS (11/30/2016):
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BREAKING NEWS (11/10/2016):
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BREAKING NEWS (09/18/2016):
Shannon C. Shafer and Sarah B. Shafer have donated the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm at 1606 Gapland Road, Burkittsville, MD, to the Burkittsville Preservation Association, Inc. to preserve the property so that future generations may understand the property's significance in the Battle of Crampton's Gap.!

BREAKING NEWS (05/19/2016):
Blog is now active!

BREAKING NEWS (03/20/2016):
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